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Church History

April 26, 1992- Present 

March 21, 2022

Deliverance Outreach Temple Church, formerly known as "House of the Lord," began April 26, 1992, by Pastor Timothy W. Grant and his wife, Stephanie Y. Grant.  Pastor Grant received a vision from God that the church motto would be "Hands reaching out to the Community."  The first church meeting was held in Timothy and Stephanie Grant's home.  The following families were in attendance: Wiggins, Lonesome, Preston, and Brisbon. 

The search for a place to worship ended at 924 Power Street.  The Grant's were drawn to the large, but symbolic picture of a cross that remained on the window of the vacant building.  On May 2nd and 8th of the same year, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, the church hosted evangelistic meetings on that street.  These community outreach meetings prefaced the first worship service held on May 10, 1992, with 39 in attendance.  Davis, Wiggins, Lonesome, Preston, Brisbon, Freemon, Grant, Carter, and Brother Steven Chisley were some of the first families in attendance that were planted by the Lord.  The House of the Lord had its first revival service during the week of August 17-21.  The Charter for the State of Tennessee was signed on August 26, 1992, and filed with the State of Tennessee, on September 10, 1992.

Six months after its inception, 18 families joined the ministry. However, by year-end, the Grant Family departed House of The Lord and the Clarksville community when Pastor Grant received military reassignment orders.  Pastor Grant would now oversee many changes in this ministry.  As a result, on January 1, 1993, Elder Garrett performed duties as the interim pastor until February 17, 1993, whereby Elder Emmanuel Davis was appointed Pastor of House of The Lord.

In March of 1993, House of The Lord was officially changed to Deliverance Outreach Temple (D.O.T.).   This name was recommended by Elder Emmanuel Davis and presented to Pastor Grant.   There were several churches named "House of the Lord's", already established in the State of Tennessee, so after much prayer and consideration Pastor Grant concurred with Elder Davis to change the name of the church.  

The church celebrated its first Anniversary in May 1993 and moved to a larger facility located on 201-B Providence Blvd.  Holding to the vision, again the church had an evangelistic meeting outside of the building where food, clothing, and other tangible items were provided.  D.O.T served a rapidly changing military community as well as local natives of Clarksville.  The ministry itself was later dedicated in December 1993, followed by a new year of more change.

February 1994 the Davis family moved to Germany due to reassignment orders.  The aforementioned Minister Lonesome became the interim pastor.  In March of 1994, the church farewell the Lonesome’s.  Overseer Grant came gave ministerial licenses to Elder Preston and Minister Chisley in July, followed by appointment of Elder Preston as Pastor. In November 1995, membership grew to 91.  The ministry continued to reach the community with the addition of 30 new members in 1996.  By 1997, 71 new members were added to the church roll. 

Elder Preston's tenure as interim Pastor ended as D.O.T. ecstatically welcomed Timothy W. Grant and his family as they returned to the ministry in April 1996.  D.O.T continued to respond to the needs of the community. 

In January of 1998, the church published its first newsletter.  Moreover, in May 1998, the church revamped the clothing and food ministries, purchased a church van and a piano.  The ministry maintained a steady pace into 1999 with the addition of 89 new members.

In the beginning of 2000, Women of Virtue, Phaze II Stepper, Men of Valor, and Joyful Movement Dance Ministry became an integral part of worship services.   With technical acumen and a heart for Christ, adults and children minister beautifully choreographed spiritual dances for worship services.  In the same year new choir robes, computers, audio equipment, and a CD player for the van ministry were purchased.  The D.O.T. Minister's Manual was published in April 2000. 

To preface the many facets of change, on May 21, 2000, as Pastor Grant and his family prepared for yet another military reassignment, he delivered the State of the Ministry address.  It was here that Elder Emmanuel Davis was re-appointed as Pastor.  The Grant Family embarked on the mission field of El Paso, Texas.

The church purchased 13.84 acres of land on Garrettsburg Road, here in Clarksville,TN. with an increase of 45 new members in 2001. 

In 2002 an additional 12 members were added to the membership directory.  Also in that year, the church van was paid in full, followed by the land groundbreaking ceremony on June 8.  On June 10, 2002 D.O.T. celebrated its 10th year anniversary.  By this time, the Davis were reassigned again and the Chairman of the Deacon Board, Joseph Wiggins, was appointed to oversee the ministry.

In 2003 the Grant family was assigned to Hawaii.  Pastor Grant traveled from Hawaii to appoint Elder Steve Pearson as the interim Pastor until 2005.  During Pastor Grant's tenure in Hawaii, the vision for Partners With Deliverance Outreach Temple (PWDOT) came when Deacon and Minister Harold asked if they could support D.O.T with Love Offerings.  The fuel for PWDOT came on September 24 when Pastor called Evangelist Jones, and asked her to lead as the coordinator.  Moving with the vision, from 2003- 2005 D.O.T. graciously welcomed 46 new members.

April 2005 Pastor Timothy W. and First Lady Stephanie Y. Grant returned as Pastors/Overseers of the church.  Soon after, "Moving towards the Vision", MTTV, was implemented and conducted on the second Wednesdays of each month, the new member's classes were reinstated and as God would allow, Pastor Grant was deployed to Iraq for one year.  First Lady Grant was the overseer of the ministry in his absence.  

D.O.T saw many remarkable changes in 2006.  In January the land on Garrettsburg Road was paid in full.  In April, Pastor Timothy W. Grant, Sr. returned as Pastor and Overseer of the ministry and by the end of August, Cumberland Bank of Clarksville approved a loan for $624,000 to help complete the building of the new church on Garrettsburg Rd, Clarksville, Tennessee. 

In addition to these pacesetter landmarks, the home ministry team had the privilege of installing Steven Chisley as Pastor of Greater Works International Ministries, Clinton, Mississippi, and Elder Melvin and Margaret Moore as Pastors of Kingdom Connection Christian Center, Fayetteville, North Carolina.  These two churches are divinely connected with Deliverance Outreach Temple Church. 

As of January 2007, Deliverance Outreach Temple is now property owner of 13.84 acres of land, available for expansion of the kingdom ministry to continue reaching out to the community.   The vision of Deliverance Outreach Temple is still being fulfilled with the installation of a full-time Pastor and the first stages of an Outreach Center on Garrettsburg Road being completed. 

In September 2007,D.O.T. held our first service at 851 Garrettsburg Road also, in that same month the first wedding held in the new building with the union of Levi and Vacie Pope.  God allowed this building to be erected so that it could be used as a tool, to be a light and to show forth his power in this community. In March 2008, this building was dedicated back to the Lord. God is still making provisions for his people. Also in 2008, Dr. Rachel Person initiated the church’s commencement and scholarship program. Years to follow, the church’s academic scholarship was renamed Victor A. Jones Jr. scholarship in honor of one of D.O.T’s dear sons.

In December 2009, the church purchased a second van. In May 2010 celebrated 18 years as a church body, in that same year the church open a computer lab for the church members and community to use.  We give thanks for the great things that God has done---and continues to do for Deliverance Outreach Temple Church.  

In January 2011, Healthy Temples was developed by Minister Cynthia Jackson, director of Deliverance Outreach Temple Educational Department.  The program was designed to educate and empower participants to make healthy nutrition choices and to know the importance of exercising. 

In August 2011, Deliverance Outreach Temple held our first Leadership Conference August 24-27th, hosted a “Night of Elegance Benefit Ball”.  Portion of the proceeds were donated to the United Way.

In June 2012, D.O.T. celebrated 20 years as a church body.  During that time, Pastors Timothy and Stephanie Grant received honorary Doctorate Degrees from Shiloh Theological Seminary of Stafford, VA.  Simultaneously, the Ordination and Installation of Pastors William & Yvonne Harold of Destined Ministries, Killeen TX. was held on the same day. 

In June 2013, God blessed the ministry to start a Summer Feeding Program.  It provided free breakfast and lunch to children 18 and under. In September 2013, the program evolved into the At-Risk Food Program which provided dinner and tutoring to after school hour for students of all ages. This program is supported by D.O.T. and the State of Tennessee Government Services. The blessing's of the Lord is here, we can feel it in the atmosphere and we receive it "IN THE NAME OF JESUS" God's blessings will definitely overtake D.O.T.

In 2014, the Apostle Build Project was established at D.O.T. to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity helping to empower families to become homeowners. Our church family is excited to be a part of this mission.  In September 2014, Deliverance Outreach Temple Youth Department hosted their 1st three-day Biblical Outlook and Outreach Training Camp (B.O.O.T Camp) for the community.

June 1, 2016, DOT purchased a building and land, located at 1086 Lafayette Road for the purpose of starting a daycare for children 6 months to 12 years of age.  On November 2, 2016 Established Hands Ministries Priceless Jewels Academy (PJA) opened its doors.

On July 23 of 2016, the Philadelphia Council of Clergy, Inc. and The International Council College of Bishops in a Sacred Service of Consecration for Bishop Timothy W. Grant, Sr., D.D., held its service at Deliverance Outreach Temple Church.   In January 2017, Elder Alvin Johnson was appointed as Pastor of Deliverance Outreach Temple Church by Bishop Timothy W. Grant Sr.

In 2018, Dr. Stephanie Grant new director of the Established Hands Ministries Priceless Jewel Academy received a three (3) star rating from Star-Quality Child Care Program in the State of Tennessee.  

March 2020, during the time of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the church followed the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to make sure that the church members and guest remain safe.  This pandemic brought about changes.  The Media Ministry improved its platforms on social media, and the Finance Department were encouraged to seek ways to broaden its platform so people can have can continue to give on-line.  During the hard times of the pandemic our partners and members continued to be faithful and committed in their giving to the Building Fund.

August 5, 2021, the church building was paid in full, and a committee was formed to plan for the 30th year church anniversary. Praise God!

D.O.T. will host our 30th year anniversary on June 18-19, 2022. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  We have come this far by faith.